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Minimalism: A Quilt Color Doodler

Try the doodler. Bahiyyih is making a quilt, and she was looking for someone to make a color sketch of her design. She said the word gradient, and had to do it. But I had to do it quickly because … Continue reading

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Belated Sigh

Publishing negative results helps everyone learn. Here’s my negative result: Instacart didn’t work out in the end. I had a great time there, but the combination of legacy code, a 3-hour timezone difference, and an on-site team of 200 programmers … Continue reading

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Cold Weather

It’s beard-weather here. Thursday morning I saw a Caddy-style car bump into the back of an SUV at walking speed, maybe 3 MPH. The SUV was fine, but the front grill of the car shattered like glass (and sounded like … Continue reading

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Nuclear Vernacular

I just noticed that nucular is in the vernacular, since Webster’s accepts now it as a secondary pronunciation. Does that mean that there should be a vernaclear with nuclear in it? vernaclear [v&(r)-‘na-klE-&r]: (adj) the way a word that is … Continue reading

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Stretching it out

Life is short, right? That means that you should stretch out subjective time as much as possible, also right? This winter seemed really long. Bahiyyih was pregnant, often tired, introspective, and taking care of two children on top of it. … Continue reading

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