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Predicting childrens’ interests: I can’t do it, Yay!

Two of my daughters are watching Black-ish, a sitcom about “an upper-middle-class African-American family” [wikipedia]. I think the characters are trying to figure out their cultural identity. Last year I was excited to hear about it and looked for it … Continue reading

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Computer Science Class

Audio: Computer Science Class Today in Computer Science class, we did a demonstration of IFTTT, where we recorded something in SoundCloud, and IFTTT auto-published it on my blog. If I point my microphone at my children, would this recipe be … Continue reading

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Carbon Debt

We was just playing in the woods. Me and Sal had an old phone that didn’t have no minutes but still had good batteries and some stuff in it. We was just taking pictures of leaves and flowers and having … Continue reading

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Unemployment and a Spirit of Service

This is still a half-formed thought, and I need some help finishing it: What is the connection between unemployment, economic productivity, fair distribution of wealth, and a spirit of service? I’ve been thinking about it for a long, long time, … Continue reading

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1994: Robot Sheepdog

Here’s a video I’ve wanted to post for a long time. It was a project for a college class in 1994, taught by one of MIT’s most understanding professors, Donald Troxel. Carlton Mills digitized the old VHS copy of our … Continue reading

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Baker Family Animated Special

Charles Schultz, the creator of Peanuts, required that only his own artwork be used for his comic strip, which, when you boil it down, means no more new Peanuts holiday specials. The following (which Bahiyyih also posted a few days … Continue reading

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Two Scoops

Once upon a time, there were two scoops of ice cream at the top of a hill.

One scoop, which was chocolate, said to the other, “Hey Vanilla, want to race?” Continue reading

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Rocks vs. Frogs

Teresa on game design (inspired by a lesson on alive and not alive at school today, in which rocks and frogs were compared): What if there was a game called rocks versus frogs? If the frog sits on top of … Continue reading

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Bedtime Story: “Hey, watch what I can do,” said the Skunk

“Hey,” said Skunk, “watch what I can do.”

“Okay,” said Rabbit and Deer, and turned to watch. Continue reading

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Return Fluids to User

Every user interface has to handle error conditions, even blood apheresis machines. Continue reading

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