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Predicting childrens’ interests: I can’t do it, Yay!

Two of my daughters are watching Black-ish, a sitcom about “an upper-middle-class African-American family” [wikipedia]. I think the characters are trying to figure out their cultural identity. Last year I was excited to hear about it and looked for it … Continue reading

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The Assumption of Butting Heads

Mostly I am writing this entry down because I don’t want to forget it. Feel free to read along, but don’t feel compelled. Parenting has been a struggle for me, for sure. Sometimes the struggle is to be patient, and … Continue reading

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The scene: Maya, Teresa, and Daddy are taking a walk. The sun has just set, and it is getting dark. Daddy pushes the two girls in a double stroller, with Teresa in front and Maya in back. The sound of … Continue reading

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