Cold Weather

It’s beard-weather here.


Thursday morning I saw a Caddy-style car bump into the back of an SUV at walking speed, maybe 3 MPH. The SUV was fine, but the front grill of the car shattered like glass (and sounded like glass breaking). It was really chrome-shiny, but broken on the ground, it was a mix of white and chrome. I think it must have been some kind of metal-glazed plastic that got really brittle in the cold.

Last night, Georgia and Maya and I were discussing how cold it is. We agreed that it was really cold. Probably around 10F or 20F. They asked whether I had ever experienced anything colder. I said that I had, when I was little, and we lived in northern Illinois. I think remember it getting down to -20F, but I think I’d better check with my Dad. He was responsible for cancelling school when the weather was too harsh, so he probably remembers.


Our garage foundation, too, is waiting for warmer weather. Specifically, the cement can’t be poured until the ground thaws. It might be a while.

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