Belated Sigh

Publishing negative results helps everyone learn. Here’s my negative result: Instacart didn’t work out in the end. I had a great time there, but the combination of legacy code, a 3-hour timezone difference, and an on-site team of 200 programmers with just a handful remote meant that I was just not productive enough — even with many weekly video conferences — and they let me go after 6 months, back in March.

I think it was a learning experience for Instacart as much as for me. The FAANG prefer onsite teams, with exceptions for specialists, and now Instacart’s job openings reflect that. But I’m a generalist.

On the bright side

I’ve been doing contract work in agriculture software since April, and it’s been a good match. Hourly discipline has been good for my mental health, and I’m fortunate to have a spouse whose job provides benefits. If it weren’t for that, self-employed life would be much harder! Thank you Bahiyyih & Purdue, and hurry up US with affordable health care for all!

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