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UBI Coin

A digital currency with built-in universal income, minimal energy requirements, and a bias towards equality. If you were designing a digital currency that could actually promote justice and equality, would would it look like? Here’s one approach. It is rather … Continue reading

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Belated Sigh

Publishing negative results helps everyone learn. Here’s my negative result: Instacart didn’t work out in the end. I had a great time there, but the combination of legacy code, a 3-hour timezone difference, and an on-site team of 200 programmers … Continue reading

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The Middle Class and a Peaceful Planet

Join the Middle Class. Have a life that’s good enough. This morning I was just sitting at my dining room table, playing Threes, when the concept of the Middle Class poked its elephant head in through a window and explained … Continue reading

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Predicting childrens’ interests: I can’t do it, Yay!

Two of my daughters are watching Black-ish, a sitcom about “an upper-middle-class African-American family” [wikipedia]. I think the characters are trying to figure out their cultural identity. Last year I was excited to hear about it and looked for it … Continue reading

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Unemployment and a Spirit of Service

This is still a half-formed thought, and I need some help finishing it: What is the connection between unemployment, economic productivity, fair distribution of wealth, and a spirit of service? I’ve been thinking about it for a long, long time, … Continue reading

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Time and Beauty

Here is an article that I just read that I love. It describes time as an emergent property of the universe; that is, it’s not a fundamental thing—instead, it arises from other, more basic things. I’m not sure what those … Continue reading

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Rustling Leaves

[Originally posted on Bahiyyih’s webble, but later moved here.] Chain of events: Moldy basement Eliminate moisture by grading to make water run away from house Use leftover imported dirt to make flower beds Realize that dirt is very clay-ey Decide … Continue reading

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New York is the Greenest Place

This weekend, I saw Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. I highly recommend it. For adults, anyway. It’s probably too scary for young children. And today I saw an essay that makes the argument that New York City is the Greenest … Continue reading

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