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College Essay

Teresa, Bahiyyih, and I are helping Georgia in this season of college application essays. Taking turns with the words. This one is for a local institution: Dear Theodosia, When I first ate Purdue sandwiches, my brother told me they were … Continue reading

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Carbon Debt

We was just playing in the woods. Me and Sal had an old phone that didn’t have no minutes but still had good batteries and some stuff in it. We was just taking pictures of leaves and flowers and having … Continue reading

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1994: Robot Sheepdog

Here’s a video I’ve wanted to post for a long time. It was a project for a college class in 1994, taught by one of MIT’s most understanding professors, Donald Troxel. Carlton Mills digitized the old VHS copy of our … Continue reading

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Return Fluids to User

Every user interface has to handle error conditions, even blood apheresis machines. Continue reading

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Smart Pill to help children get through Puberty?

This looks like a “tip of the iceberg” type of article: Smart pill that helps children through puberty. To summarize, During adolescence, a specific brain development makes it harder for you to learn. I remember going from being able to … Continue reading

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Focus Distance

Ever since I was little, I liked to see what I could do with my eyes. Cross them (which I learned from Mom), shake them (which I learned from a fellow fourth-grader), focus and de-focus them (which I think I’ve … Continue reading

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