Happy Quiltsgiving

For Thanksgiving each year our family (my wife’s family really) gives small gifts, and this year we decided to make them handmade. What can I hand-make? Well, software. I decided to make an app for each person, but I ended up getting through only the first one.

I present Patch Perfect:

I wrote it with Bahiyyih in mind — here’s the code for it.

The other gift ideas:

  • Nana: Quote Worder — a memorization game that’s like a jigsaw puzzle
  • Georgia: Teen Trainer — manage your minions to keep the place running
  • Casey: Word Roller — like an old word association game we used to play
  • Maya: Photo Fixer — uh-oh, someone has made a Perler Bead version of a picture; better fix it

Maybe I’ll get to them someday! In the meantime I think I’ll, um, give Patch Perfect to everybody and ask for feedback.

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