Minimalism: A Quilt Color Doodler

Try the doodler.

Bahiyyih is making a quilt, and she was looking for someone to make a color sketch of her design. She said the word gradient, and had to do it. But I had to do it quickly because I was competing with how long it would take to draw it physically.

Quilt Color Doodler
Quilt Color Doodler

Go play with the quilt color doodler. It does just barely enough to play with the colors. And the UI is hilariously terrible. Think of it, rather, as a puzzle. Can you figure out how it’s supposed to work?

It does let you change:

  • the colors — as long as you like diagonal gradients
  • the size — any rectangle you want
  • the color pickers … okay that was a diversion

It doesn’t let you change:

  • the pattern — Bahiyyih had already chosen Stars Ablaze
  • the direction of the gradient
  • what prints — it’s just the quilt
  • the default colors — resetting always takes you back to the colors Bahiyyih ended up choosing (although it does save any changes you make, until you hit Reset)

There are so many directions it could go next. I’m not used to working this way — make something quick and dirty, and then call it done and move on. It’s probably therapeutic.

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  1. Michael says:

    I like the quilt color doodler, and I especially like the Stars Ablaze pattern.

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