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Happy Quiltsgiving

For Thanksgiving each year our family (my wife’s family really) gives small gifts, and this year we decided to make them handmade. What can I hand-make? Well, software. I decided to make an app for each person, but I ended … Continue reading

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Minimalism: A Quilt Color Doodler

Try the doodler. Bahiyyih is making a quilt, and she was looking for someone to make a color sketch of her design. She said the word gradient, and had to do it. But I had to do it quickly because … Continue reading

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The Middle Class and a Peaceful Planet

Join the Middle Class. Have a life that’s good enough. This morning I was just sitting at my dining room table, playing Threes, when the concept of the Middle Class poked its elephant head in through a window and explained … Continue reading

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I plan to start working for Instacart, in San Francisco, in a couple of weeks — my first day will be September 10. I’ll still live in West Lafayette — for the first three weeks I plan to fly out Sunday night … Continue reading

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Unemployment and a Spirit of Service

This is still a half-formed thought, and I need some help finishing it: What is the connection between unemployment, economic productivity, fair distribution of wealth, and a spirit of service? I’ve been thinking about it for a long, long time, … Continue reading

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Return Fluids to User

Every user interface has to handle error conditions, even blood apheresis machines. Continue reading

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The Psychology of Moral Safety

I’ve had a question for a while now: Why do people who crusade against a particular “moral evil” so often struggle against it personally and fall prey to it, sometimes very publicly? In my opinion, it happens too often to … Continue reading

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The Producers

Yesterday I felt moved to lay off of reading news online, which I mainly get from Slashdot, Reddit, Technocrat, and a slew of technical sites, for a month. I’m just spending too much of my time reading, and absorbing, and … Continue reading

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Rustling Leaves

[Originally posted on Bahiyyih’s webble, but later moved here.] Chain of events: Moldy basement Eliminate moisture by grading to make water run away from house Use leftover imported dirt to make flower beds Realize that dirt is very clay-ey Decide … Continue reading

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