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Cold Weather

It’s beard-weather here. Thursday morning I saw a Caddy-style car bump into the back of an SUV at walking speed, maybe 3 MPH. The SUV was fine, but the front grill of the car shattered like glass (and sounded like … Continue reading

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The Assumption of Butting Heads

Mostly I am writing this entry down because I don’t want to forget it. Feel free to read along, but don’t feel compelled. Parenting has been a struggle for me, for sure. Sometimes the struggle is to be patient, and … Continue reading

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Nuclear Vernacular

I just noticed that nucular is in the vernacular, since Webster’s accepts now it as a secondary pronunciation. Does that mean that there should be a vernaclear with nuclear in it? vernaclear [v&(r)-‘na-klE-&r]: (adj) the way a word that is … Continue reading

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The Producers

Yesterday I felt moved to lay off of reading news online, which I mainly get from Slashdot, Reddit, Technocrat, and a slew of technical sites, for a month. I’m just spending too much of my time reading, and absorbing, and … Continue reading

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Rustling Leaves

[Originally posted on Bahiyyih’s webble, but later moved here.] Chain of events: Moldy basement Eliminate moisture by grading to make water run away from house Use leftover imported dirt to make flower beds Realize that dirt is very clay-ey Decide … Continue reading

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Little Rabbit Foo Foo

A few years ago, Bahiyyih and I were at Dan and Zivar’s house, and we were taking turns reading the Sunday comics. We laughed in particular about the comics that were impenetrable to us, like Judge Parker, M.D. (or something … Continue reading

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New York is the Greenest Place

This weekend, I saw Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. I highly recommend it. For adults, anyway. It’s probably too scary for young children. And today I saw an essay that makes the argument that New York City is the Greenest … Continue reading

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More Fireworks

Tonight, being the Fourth, we had fireworks here in Champaign-Urbana. Maya was not interested in going, but Georgia was—the cousins were going to be there. So, even though Suzanne and Husayn and Amia were visiting, we piled our gear (and … Continue reading

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The scene: Maya, Teresa, and Daddy are taking a walk. The sun has just set, and it is getting dark. Daddy pushes the two girls in a double stroller, with Teresa in front and Maya in back. The sound of … Continue reading

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We subscribed to NetFlix a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, I still get their popups while browsing. I am kind of disappointed at that (“Check this box if you have already subscribed, so that we can stop bugging you”), but … Continue reading

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