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Rocks vs. Frogs

Teresa on game design (inspired by a lesson on alive and not alive at school today, in which rocks and frogs were compared): What if there was a game called rocks versus frogs? If the frog sits on top of … Continue reading

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Bedtime Story: “Hey, watch what I can do,” said the Skunk

“Hey,” said Skunk, “watch what I can do.”

“Okay,” said Rabbit and Deer, and turned to watch. Continue reading

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Return Fluids to User

Every user interface has to handle error conditions, even blood apheresis machines. Continue reading

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Smart Pill to help children get through Puberty?

This looks like a “tip of the iceberg” type of article: Smart pill that helps children through puberty. To summarize, During adolescence, a specific brain development makes it harder for you to learn. I remember going from being able to … Continue reading

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Keeping computers from ending science’s reproducibility

Here’s a really good description of one of the key things that the people I work with are wrestling with right now: Ars Technica: Keeping computers from ending science’s reproducibility Basically, scientific exploration is relying more and more on computation. … Continue reading

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The Psychology of Moral Safety

I’ve had a question for a while now: Why do people who crusade against a particular “moral evil” so often struggle against it personally and fall prey to it, sometimes very publicly? In my opinion, it happens too often to … Continue reading

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Philosophy of a 4-year-old

Setting: back yard T: “I wish it was pillow day. Where there are pillows everywhere.” Dad: “Pillows everywhere?” T: “Yeah, and all the pillows are filled with candy.” On not having arms “Without arms you couldn’t throw out the compost.” … Continue reading

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Things Grownups Do

(according to Teresa) Put out balloons for birthday parties Reach the sink1 Make a hole in the ground Drink coffee Make a happy face Grow flowers Pull out weeds Eat sour plant2 Make honey water3 And that’s all. 1 Without … Continue reading

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Parental responsibility: resolving disputes. Teresa: Dad, Maya said that difficult is hard. And I said that difficult is easy. Can you please tell the best way? Me: Mm-hmm. Is difficult easy for you? Teresa: Yes.

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Time and Beauty

Here is an article that I just read that I love. It describes time as an emergent property of the universe; that is, it’s not a fundamental thing—instead, it arises from other, more basic things. I’m not sure what those … Continue reading

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